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Come to try our different dresses for bridemades and bridal mother.  We have a various samples of differents model in different sizes. After you choose the  right model, you will have to wait for 4 to 9 weeks, depending of the season. You can choose among 140 different colors and size are  2 and 18 . For a little extra you can have size over 18.





The price of the dresses  are between 198$ and 288$


Save when you buy moore: 

For 2 dresses ;  228$ to 238$              

For 3 dresses and moore ; 198$ (short dresses) to 228$ (long dresses)


For mothers: You can custom your dress from a model we have to fully benefit your silhouette. You can mic and match the top and the skirt of different dresses for only 35$ extra.

Also shawl and bolero in differents colors.

Bridemades dresses
&  bridal mother dress

We ask for a deposit of 135$ when you order a dress.

It takes 8 to 18 weeks to receive the dresses.

Alterations not includes.

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