We take your wedding dress in consignment to help you sell it without the unpleasantness to do it by yourself. When we sell it you will get the agreed amount (we take 285$ for the storage and the sale). We try to sale dresses the half of the original price but we notice that client who buy used want to pay under 800$. For this reason we  want to keep our prices between 390$ end 990$ .

Contact us and when you let us your dress, we will sign for a one year agreement. We contact you as soon as your dree have been sail.



1. Send us a picture of the dress

2. Give us these info: size,

 your height, the year of the wedding, the original price, and the place you buy it.

3. If everything aggree for both of us, we can take an appointment 

4. We sign an agreement of 12 months.

5. If the dress is not already clean, we can to it (75$ à 155$).



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